Our product development aims for the lightest bulletproof structure on the market.


Bulletproof glass, commonly called bullet protection glass or ballistic glass, is made of transparent materials specially designed to withstand the penetration of bullets. Tambest Oy’s product development aims for the lightest bulletproof structure on the market.



Our products are tested and meet the required standards

Currently we have tested the BR 4 and BR 6 level products. The levels refer to different levels of ballistic protection and define the ability of the glass to withstand the penetration of a bullet at a certain speed and energy.

bullet protection glass
curved bullet protection glass

bullet protection glass

Our products have been tested according to standard EN-1063:2000-01 in categories BR 4 NS and BR 6 NS. Shards cannot fly off from glass equipped with a (non-splintered) film, which could cause danger in e.g. vehicles, even if the glass would not break down completely.

Ballistically classified glass is typically used in defence industry products, cash-in-transit vehicles, defence industry vehicles, high security facilities, prisons, bank checkout lines, cash registers, embassies and prison facilities.

curved bullet protection glass

The manufacturing process of curved bulletproof glass requires a lot of know-how and suitable machinery. For curved bulletproof glass, there is no harmonised test method, but the structure corresponds to the structure of flat bulletproof glasses tested according to DIN EN1063:2000-01.

The number of glass and film layers is pre-planned according to the method we have tested. In this way, the customer gets exactly the level of protection that the purpose of use requires.

burglar-proof glass

Burglar-proof glass is used to prevent breaking through the glass. This glass is especially suitable for protecting business premises and valuable real estate. Our burglar-proof glasses are tested and type-approved in accordance with the EN 356 standard.